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November is New Frozen Yogurt Flavors Month

Remember back in September when the IFYA declared that September was Frozen Yogurt Toppings Month? It was inevitable that we’d also have a New Frozen Yogurt Flavors month…and it’s November. We are always exciting to hear about and try new frozen yogurt flavors, including seasonal flavors. We love the comforting flavors of fall frozen yogurt…. Read more »

Introducing IFYA’s Ad Management Tool

We’ve just added a new feature to the IFYA website, the ad management tool. With the new ad management tool, any registered member of the IFYA can create a new ad campaign, stop an active ad campaign and view ad statistics. To create a new ad campaign, start by clicking on the green Create Ad… Read more »

Frozen Yogurt Innovators: An Interview with the Co-Owner & Chief Innovation Officer of GoDivide

In celebration of IFYA’s Frozen Yogurt Packaging Month, we have the next installment of our Frozen Yogurt Innovators interview series and a special offer for IFYA members. We interviewed David Weissman, Co-Owner and Chief Innovation Officer of GoDivide Frozen Yogurt Cup Dividers to learn more about GoDivide. GoDivide dividers can transform a single compartment cup… Read more »

To Brand or Not to Brand: Are All Frozen Yogurt Cups Created Equal?

Are all frozen yogurt cups created equal? We asked IFYA’s Packaging and Branding Expert, Andy Lin, to explain why consumers and frozen yogurt shops care about branded frozen yogurt cups. Andy is the Web and Marketing Manager for Do Consumers Care About Branded Frozen Yogurt Cups? By Andy Lin is occasionally asked whether consumers… Read more »

The Importance of Branding in Today’s Competitive Frozen Yogurt Market

As the frozen yogurt market becomes ever more crowded competitive, the stronger, more successful brands are the ones that offer distinctive benefits that consumers prefer. Preference translates into a higher willingness to pay and loyalty. How does a frozen yogurt shop define its brand? We asked IFYA’s Packaging and Branding Expert, Andy Lin, to provide… Read more »

New IFYA Feature: Article Library for Froyo Shop Operators

We’ve just added an article library for frozen yogurt shops to our website in the Froyo Resources section. We created the article library to save time and effort for prospective and current frozen yogurt shop operators. The articles address common questions that people who are considering opening a frozen yogurt shop ask. Some articles are also… Read more »

October is Frozen Yogurt Packaging Month

Frozen Yogurt Packaging Month This month’s spotlight is on frozen yogurt packaging: the cups, spoons, cup lids and more that we’d have a hard time eating frozen yogurt without. We’ll have two articles from IFYA’s Packaging and Branding expert, Andy Lin of and an interview with at least one frozen yogurt packaging innovator. Cups, spoons,… Read more »

Special Offer for IFYA Members: Save on Workers’ Comp Insurance in California

IFYA is partnering with California’s workers’ comp experts, Select Marketing Insurance Services (SMI), to offer California frozen yogurt shop owners special group rates.  SMI’s special group rates are significantly lower than rates small frozen yogurt shops can get on their own. We selected SMI as our insurance partner because they specialize in offering products and… Read more »

A Healthy Approach to Frozen Yogurt Toppings

At the IFYA we believe that frozen yogurt should be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle and toppings, with the exception of fresh fruit, should be added in moderation. Nutritionists recommend the following strategies at a self-serve frozen yogurt shop: Choose the smallest cup size available. The larger the cup, the more frozen yogurt… Read more »