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2017 Froyo Chain Store Location Count

It’s time for our annual feature, the IFYA Froyo Chain Store Location Count – the 2017 edition. Overview The top 10 chains accounted for 3,955 locations, down from 4,335 locations last year. Red Mango fell off the list of the top 10 largest chains. Other chains that experienced large declines in store counts include TCBY,… Read more »

Iconic Froyo Shops (Not on the East Coast or in California)

In this post, we take a look at iconic frozen yogurt shops outside of California and the East Coast, starting with the most famous old school froyo chain. TCBY, once the world’s largest frozen yogurt chain, started with one store in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1981. The original location closed in 2002 but there are… Read more »

National/International Frozen Yogurt Day 2016

The happiest day of the year is almost here: National/International Frozen Yogurt Day which falls on Saturday, February 6th. It’s the day to show your appreciation for frozen yogurt by eating froyo and sharing your love of froyo with others. Not everyone celebrates NFYD on the same day, so get ready for a froyo filled… Read more »

Froyo Flavor Trends of 2015

It’s time for a look back at the new froyo flavors of 2015 and the froyo flavor trends that we spotted. We did notice that there were fewer new flavors this year compared to last with an uptick in churro froyo, salted flavors, and pie inspired flavors. Sorbets and non-dairy options are still popular, with… Read more »

IFYA’s Store Location Count 2015: The Largest Frozen Yogurt Chains

The IFYA Froyo Chain Store Location count is back! We decided to change the timing of this annual feature to December since that’s the best time to count 2015 openings. The store counts are approximate and based on what’s listed on the chain’s website when available. Stores are constantly closing and opening. Also, we noticed… Read more »

A Look at Frozen Yogurt Trends

It’s June and time to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Month, Week and Day. TCBY started the tradition by sponsoring National Frozen Yogurt Month, National Frozen Yogurt Week (the first week of June) and National Frozen Yogurt Day (the first “Sundae/Sunday” in June) back in 1993. Every June we look at frozen yogurt trends as captured by Google… Read more »

Fall 2014 Froyo Flavor Round-Up

Celebrate the fall season with a cup of froyo inspired by the flavors of fall. Check your local froyo shop for fall froyo flavors and also be sure to check out these flavors from your favorite frozen yogurt chains. 16 Handles: FistPumpkin, Cinnamon Doughnut “Fist Pump”kin is back. Top it with new maple glazed pumpkin seeds…. Read more »

IFYA’s Store Location Count 2014: The Largest Frozen Yogurt Chains

Which froyo chains are the largest? Every August, the IFYA will provide an update the number of store locations of the largest frozen yogurt chains. The store counts are based on what’s listed on the chain’s website when available. Stores are constantly closing and opening so keep in mind that store counts are approximate. Some… Read more »

Summer 2014 Froyo Flavors & Trends

Summer is in full swing, which means that it’s prime froyo consumption time. Several froyo shops have come out with refreshing new summer flavors. Sorbets and summery drinks are popular at frozen yogurt shops this summer. New summer flavors include: 16 HANDLES: Vegan friendly new flavors include Vegan Soy Vanilla and Coco Loco (coconut water… Read more »

NRA Show Recap: Frozen Yogurt Mixes and Froyo Franchises

This year’s NRA Show featured frozen yogurt mix from the following exhibiting vendors: Antico Eremo, Dairy Enterprises, Forever Yogurt, Instantwhip Foods, Itaberco, Montebianco, Palazzolo’s Artisan Dairy, PreGel America, Sugar Creek/Honey Hill Farms, and TCBY/Mrs. Fields Cookies. Other mixes were available at various equipment vendor booths (e.g., Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt, Dannon, Rainbow’s End). Stonyfield had a… Read more »