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Dear frozen yogurt enthusiast,

Happy New Year! It's our first newsletter of 2014. IFYA's goals for the year are (1) to become more international and (2) to grow the Swirl of Honor program.

In this issue, we'll cover:

  • IFYA news
  • Special offers for IFYA members - we added three new member discounts
  • Industry news from our press room
  • Preview of what we're working on for next month

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IFYA News & Special Offers

Is Frozen Yogurt Healthy? Johny Wudel, IFYA's marketing & business strategy expert and Vice President of Nanci's Frozen Yogurt discusses sweeteners, yogurt cultures and nutritional facts labeling. Read more:

IFYA Newsmakers: Forte Supply Named Master Distributor for Spaceman USA. Our first IFYA Newsmakers interview is with Jeff Resnick, Founder and CEO of Forte Supply. Forte Supply recently became the master distributor for Spaceman USA, a line of high quality soft serve machines. Forte Supply is now the exclusive distributor for Spaceman in the US. Read more:

Meet the Co-Owner of Sweetly-Twisted, South Carolina's 1st Froyo Truck: Learn what it's like to launch a new froyo truck in our IFYA interview with Dipali Britton. Read more: 

New Year, New Swirl: Swirling Tips to Make Your Cup of Froyo Look Nicer. Challenge yourself to making nicer looking cups of froyo this year. Our tips will help you become a better swirler. Read more:

New IFYA Member Discounts: We've added three new member discounts.

  • Free shipping on all Spaceman USA equipment when you mention IFYA and your IFYA username
  • 15% off Jefe toppings dispensers. To redeem, mention IFYA and your IFYA username when you call Forte Supply at (720) 328-1431
  • 20% off your order (discount can only be used once) when you mention IFYA and your IFYA username

Member Discount on GoDivide: IFYA members get 10% off their first GoDivide frozen yogurt cup dividers order when they mention their IFYA membership and IFYA username.

IFYA Promotion: Be the First Swirl of Honor Shop in Your Area for Free: We want to see Swirl of Honor decals across the world. The IFYA will waive the $60 application fee for any shop that is the first to apply for the Swirl of Honor program in its "area." By first in your area, we mean the following:

  • United States: Be the first shop to apply in your state
  • Canada: Be the first shop to apply in your province or territory
  • Outside of the US and Canada: Be the first to apply in your country, when the Swirl of Honor program is available in your country.

The Swirl of Honor program is available in two dozen countries. The complete list of countries can be found in the Swirl of Honor program FAQs.

To check to see if you are the first shop to apply in your area, email us at Once we confirm that you are the first applicant in your area to apply, we'll send you a promotional code to use. You must contact us first in order to be eligible for the special promotion. The complimentary membership period is for one year from the date your application is processed and approved.

Special Offer on Worker's Comp Insurance: IFYA is pleased to partner with California’s workers’ comp experts, Select Marketing Insurance Services, to offer California frozen yogurt shop owners special group rates. SMI’s special group rates are significantly lower than rates small frozen yogurt shops can get on their own. They are known for offering frozen yogurt shops the best combination of price, stability and coverage with A+ rated Preferred Employers Group (PEG). 

Did you know the number one Cal OSHA citation is the failure to have an “effective” Injury and Illness Program? ALL businesses in California regardless of size must have this program. LABOR CODE 6401.7

Many small California businesses never receive Safety & Health Services from their Workers’ Compensation Company

As a small business owner, you must have a Cal/ OSHA compliant Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). Not only must you have a program, you have to ensure all employees are aware of it and have access to it!

Many insurance companies do not offer FREE loss control services including a model Cal/OSHA program. One that does, Preferred Employers Insurance Company, will make sure you get the safety services you deserve at no extra cost to you. 

To get more information and a cost saving workers’ compensation quote, contact Steve Feemster, SMI Insurance at (619) 346-2214 or

Frozen Yogurt Industry News

The IFYA will be tracking frozen yogurt industry news and posting links to noteworthy articles in our Press Room. We've selected a few headlines from this month. Submit your frozen yogurt industry news to us at For more articles, please visit the IFYA Press Room at 

January 21, 2014: Menchie’s to Open First Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Truck in Houston

January 21, 2014: U-Swirl, Inc. Reports Third Quarter Operating Results

January 21, 2014: AngelBerry Turns to Crowdfunding to Expand Yogurt Business Beyond Bristol

January 17, 2014: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s Majority-Owned U-Swirl, Inc. Subsidiary More Than Triples Size of Cafe Network

January 16, 2014: Honey Hill Farms/Sugar Creek Offer a New Twist on the Frozen Treat Market

January 15, 2014: Red Mango Hits Growth Spurt in 2013

January 9, 2014: Cineplex Acquires 50 Per Cent Stake in YoYo’s Yogurt Cafe

January 6, 2014: And the Winner Is…Yogurtland’s Fan Choice Awards Celebrate Yogurt Yumminess

January 2, 2014: Mira Costa Grad Appointed CEO of Yogurtland

What We're Working On

Froyo Contest: We're working on a big contest for frozen yogurt stores to be announced next month. Hint: it will be a design contest. 

National/International Frozen Yogurt Day: February 6th is coming up fast. Yogurtland's going to celebrate NFYD with free froyo and special spoons. Some Menchie's locations will be giving out free froyo. We're going to dedicate next month to international froyo. 

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Many thanks to the IFYA's founding sponsor, Forte Supply.

Forte Supply has a mission to be the leading provider of frozen yogurt machinery and ice cream equipment. In addition to having an unparalleled commitment to offering the best possible products and customer service to our customers, we are also determined to help small business owners succeed and thrive in the frozen dessert industry. We are all about people. The individuals who operate Forte Supply make our company unique. Our company has an open and friendly culture – similar to the cultures associated with most small or start-up businesses. We’ve been in business a long time. We are veterans in the industry. Our expertise and knowledge allows us to provide you, our customers, with the guidance that will help your business flourish.

We don’t see our customers as clients — we consider them partners! Forte Supply strives for excellence in everything. We take great pride in the success of our partners, which is why we only supply the most innovative and high-quality equipment at the most cost-efficient prices. Our products are affordable, reliable and certified. Couple all these facts with our outstanding level of customer service – and there you have it: Forte Supply!