2017 Froyo Flavor Forecast

Our article, 2016 New Flavors and Froyo Flavor Trends, took a look back at the frozen yogurt flavors of last year. In this flavor forecast, we look at emerging flavor trends. Many of these trends are being driven by millennials’ taste for the exotic, complex, and unusual flavors.

Middle Eastern flavors

Yogurt was likely invented by accident in Central Asia around 6000 BC. A staple of the Middle Eastern diet, yogurt is used in sweet and savory dishes. Middle Eastern immigrants first brought yogurt to the US. Naturally, Middle Eastern flavors pair well with yogurt. Imagine frozen yogurt flavors with tahini, cardamom, rose water, saffron, ginger, honey, pistachio, dates, olive oil, turmeric, sour cherry, and figs. Baklava froyo, anyone?

In 2016, Yogurtland introduced Middle Eastern Fig & Honey Gelato and Yoga-urt created a new flavor, Radiant Golden Rose, flavored with saffron, turmeric and rose water.

Spicy, savory flavors

Spicy and savory flavors have been making inroads in the Greek yogurt aisle in recent years. We’ve seen a few spicy and savory flavors in frozen yogurt as well. In 2016, Orange Leaf introduced a spicy Strawberry Serrano sorbet and in 2017, they introduced Spicy Hot Chocolate froyo. Easy Breezy in San Francisco created its own Aztec chili chocolate frozen yogurt flavor.

Floral, herbal flavors

We’ve also seen a trend of including floral and herbal flavors like basil, mint, lemongrass and lavender. For example, Yogen Fruz introduced Blueberry Basil frozen yogurt in 2016.

Toasted flavors

Toasted flavors are also expected to be a flavor trend in 2017. The ever creative Jeni’s Ice Creams introduced Mont Blanc Buttermilk frozen yogurt recently. It features toasted chestnuts, molasses and cultured buttermilk. Toasted frozen yogurt flavors also include Toasted Marshmallow and Toasted Coconut.

We’ll keep an eye on new frozen yogurt flavors and broader flavor trends and report back.