Join our frozen yogurt community and connect with others in the frozen yogurt industry. A basic membership for trade members and  frozen yogurt fans is free. Trade members are current and prospective frozen yogurt store operators, frozen yogurt store employees, and frozen yogurt store industry suppliers.

Benefits for basic trade members [FREE]:

  • Exclusive member discounts
  • Special group insurance rates and HR/payroll services in some areas
  • Members only contests and giveaways
  • Access to members only sections of the IFYA website
  • Manage online IFYA member profile, including:
    • Creating and managing IFYA ad campaigns
    • Applying to the Swirl of Honor program
    • Creating and managing supplier directory listings
    • Writing supplier reviews

Benefits for premium trade members [$50/year]:

  • All the benefits of the basic membership + additional premium member only savings from preferred IFYA vendors
    • Credit card processing from Green Payment Solutions
    • Business compliance solutions from Payality
  • $20 off the Swirl of Honor application fee

Benefits for frozen yogurt fan members [FREE]:

  • Access to members only areas of the IFYA website
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IFYA Premium Members Save on Credit Card Processing

The IFYA has selected Green Payment Solutions (GPS) as the association’s exclusive partner for credit card processing. Green Payment Solutions’ new program includes a low rate guarantee and a wide range of other valuable savings, available to IFYA premium members. Green Payment Solutions has provided top quality credit card processing services to local and national merchants for more than 10 years and is recognized with A+ status by the Better Business Bureau.

The new IFYA Froyo Pricing Program includes the following benefits:

  • Exclusive pricing for IFYA members (Backed by a Low Rate Guarantee)
  • Interchange-plus pricing for full transparency
  • New American Express pricing for lower Amex fees
  • Multiple value-enhancing fee waivers
  • No early termination fee
  • Free POS software
  • Supplies at cost
  • Next day funding available
  • Prioritized customer and technical support for IFYA members
  • Complete data security
  • Complimentary 1 year IFYA Premium membership (a $50 value)gps_logo

* Note, this offer is only available in the United States.

Contact Mark Sperry from Green Payment Solutions at (818) 643-6808 or for a no-obligation rate review of your merchant account. Learn more about Green Payment Solutions online at

Special Offer for IFYA Members: Save on Workers’ Comp Insurance in California

IFYA is pleased to partner with California’s workers’ comp experts, Preferred Connect Insurance Center (formerly Select Marketing Insurance Services), to offer California frozen yogurt shop owners special group rates. Preferred Connect’s special group rates are significantly lower than rates small frozen yogurt shops can get on their own. They are known for offering frozen yogurt shops the best combination of price, stability and coverage with A+ rated Preferred Employers Group (PEG).

Preferred Connect Program Highlights:

  • The lowest rates for Frozen Yogurt Shops currently available in the state of CA.
  • Access to professional claims handling & fraud fighting.  All suspected fraud is thoroughly investigated.
  • Direct access to A+ rated specialty workers compensation carrier, Preferred Employers Group
  • Free safety and health services, including assistance with completing your own Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Please contact Jena Johnson, Association Advisor at Preferred Connect, at (888) 656-5678 or via email at to get started.

Special Savings on Comprehensive Business Compliance Solutions

IFYA premium members are eligible for comprehensive business compliance solutions from Payality, a highly trusted and affordable payroll and employee management solution provider. Payality provides imaginative solutions for every phase of the employment lifecycle.

From Payroll, Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Worker’s Compensation Payment Administration, and Retirement Solutions, Payality’s comprehensive compliance solutions reduce their client’s costs, increase efficiency and streamline operations across the client’s business. Payality also integrates with leading workers comp carriers, including IFYA endorsed Select Marketing Insurance of California, to offer pay-as-you-go premium payments that feature no upfront deposit, premiums paid each pay period based on actual payroll, and the elimination of audit hassles.

IFYA premium members can choose from 3 different compliance packages, all discounted more than 20% for IFYA members. The small, medium and large compliance packages come with different features and can be further customized with additional services (Extra Toppings).

Payroll administration
Risk management
HR compliance

Payroll administration
Risk management
HR compliance
Basic financial reporting

Payroll administration
Risk management
HR compliance
Deluxe financial reporting

Extra Toppings
HealthCare Exchange administration
Time and attendancepayality_transparent
Overnight delivery

Note: This offer is only available in the United States.

For additional information on this offer, please visit

IFYA Member Discounts

  • Get up to 30% off your first non-custom order! is the #1 online supplier of Frozen Dessert Supplies including frozen yogurt, ice cream and gelato cups, spoons and much more! We offer hundreds of industry leading styles, colors and sizes of product, including our amazing array of Crazy Color Changing Spoons and Cups. All this with Free Shipping and Earth Shattering Customer Service! For a list of products and discounts simply contact us at 1-800-518-9229 or visit our website at and provide your IFYA username!
  • First-time clients of Frozen Solutions can save 25% off the web price for MAGIC Color Changing bowls (used the discount code IFYA25) and 10% off MAGIC Color Changing spoons, spoon straws, boba straws and cow print pints and quarts (use discount code IFYA10)
  • 10% off your first purchase for new Soft Serve Solutions customers, use offer code IFYA10 during checkout
  • 5% off machines from Electro Freeze of Nor Cal when you mention IFYA and your username
  • 15% off your first Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt purchase when you mention IFYA and your IFYA username (new Nanci’s customers only)
  • Free shipping on all Spaceman USA equipment when you mention IFYA and your IFYA username
  • 10% off your first GoDivide order of frozen yogurt cup dividers when you mention IFYA and your IFYA username

Supplier Directory Reviews

IFYA’s reviews are meant to provide useful information to the public about frozen yogurt industry suppliers. Registered members are welcome to submit a user review on our Site. We created review guidelines to help promote fair, accurate reviews. By submitting a review, you agree to IFYA’s guidelines.

  • IFYA reserves the right to moderate or remove reviews deemed to contain inappropriate content or that violate the review guidelines.
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  • Your review must not contain bad language, threatening dialogue, obscene or sexually explicit language.
  • Your review must not contain language that would be considered harassment of another person.
  • Your review must be true based on your own experiences and must not include misleading or false information.
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IFYA Experts

IFYA’s distinguished panel of frozen yogurt experts are on hand to answer all your questions about frozen yogurt. IFYA experts provide informative blog posts on their areas of expertise. If you have a question for one or more of our experts, please send it to

IFYA’s experts:

  • Chris Ciabarra, CTO & Co-Founder, Revel Systems
  • Kalvin Kwong, Sales Manager,
  • Tim Porter, Owner,
  • Jeff Resnick, Founder & CEO, Forte Supply
  • Jason Rhoades, Regional Territory Manager, Dannon YoCream
  • Rhian Williams, Director, Plas Farm Ltd.
  • Dave Wudel, President, Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt

Chris Ciabarra

Chris Ciabarra is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Revel Systems. Chris and his co-founder started Revel Systems in 2010 with the goal of changing the world of point-of-sale and they created an award winning iPad POS system.

As an IFYA expert, Chris will be sharing his expertise in POS systems, inventory management, payroll, real time sales data, integrated scales and modifiers.

Kalvin Kwong

Kalvin Kwong is the Sales Manager at As a key contact person to frozen yogurt shops, he has extensive knowledge of custom printed yogurt cups and custom designed spoons, as well as frozen yogurt market trends, flavors, and more.

Tim Porter

Tim Porter is the Owner of and IFYA’s expert in packaging and branding. Tim opened a frozen dessert store in Arizona in 2007. He started because of the lack of reputable packaging companies at the time. strives to be the best by offering great customer service, low prices, and fast/free shipping.

Jeff Resnick

Jeff Resnick is the Founder and CEO of SpacemanUSA, SoftServeStore and IFYA’s US frozen yogurt machine and store operations expert. Jeff has an extensive background in the frozen yogurt business.  He has contributed to the frozen yogurt review, local newspapers, and Yahoo News, as well as personally helped over 500 entrepreneurs enter and successfully open self-serve frozen yogurt stores.  Jeff has worked tirelessly to develop the best program for soft serve machines in North America – with exceptional service, training, and support, you can rest assured that Spaceman USA equipment comes with the best user experience in the industry.

Jason Rhoades

Jason Rhoades is a Regional Territory Manager for Dannon Foodservice representing YoCream Frozen Yogurt. Jason has many years of experience in the frozen yogurt business. He started with Southwest Traders Distribution Company in California selling and managing many brands of frozen yogurt. During the frozen yogurt boom in CA starting in 2005, he consulted with hundreds of shops opening and became in expert in not only frozen yogurt but everything to do with opening a yogurt shop. Jason moved on to work directly for Yocream as a manufacturer’s rep working with several distributors specializing in frozen yogurt sales. Not only a product specialist, Jason spent over two years in the soft serve equipment industry working for Electro Freeze. He returned to Dannon earlier this year to his current role.

Rhian Williams

Rhian is a Director at Plas Farm Ltd, a company that she has worked at since the age of about 4! Yogurt production started on her father’s farm in the 1980s, and in the 30 years since, Plas Farm has grown to become one of Europe’s leading frozen yogurt manufacturers. Rhian’s focus is on business development, and she has worked with private brand partners to develop some of Europe’s most successful frozen yogurt brands, in both the foodservice and retail sectors. With extensive experience in product development and (literally!) a lifetime of involvement in the European frozen yogurt market, she is well placed to offer insight into frozen yogurt’s growth in European and Middle Eastern markets

Dave Wudel

Dave Wudel is the President of Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt/ and IFYA’s expert in frozen yogurt mix, smoothie mix, international trade and business strategy. Dave has been in the frozen yogurt and ice cream business since Nanci’s started in 1979. Under his leadership, Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt received the President’s Export “E” Award – the highest honor a U.S. business can receive from the U.S. Department of Commerce. This award is bestowed upon an elite group of U.S. companies recognized for outstanding contribution to export expansion. Only companies with at least 4 consecutive years of significant annual export growth are even considered for the award. Dave is a great resource for all aspects of the frozen yogurt business — from exporting and importing to machines and mix.