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Summer 2017 Froyo Flavor Roundup

We’ve compiled a list of the froyo flavors that were introduced this summer. Summer is stone fruit season, picnic time and a time for refreshing sorbets and fruity flavors. Peaches were particularly popular as a frozen dessert flavor this summer. National food holidays like National Blueberry Muffin Day (July 11), National Strawberry Shortcake Day (June… Read more »

Social Media & Froyo Shops

The use of social media by frozen yogurt shops could use plenty of improvement. Sure some frozen yogurt shops have hundreds of thousands of likes on Facebook, Snapchat accounts and their own mobile apps but social media is underutilized by even large chains. Although large chains are good about updating their main corporate FB account… Read more »

Froyo Flavor Trends of 2015

It’s time for a look back at the new froyo flavors of 2015 and the froyo flavor trends that we spotted. We did notice that there were fewer new flavors this year compared to last with an uptick in churro froyo, salted flavors, and pie inspired flavors. Sorbets and non-dairy options are still popular, with… Read more »

IFYA’s Store Location Count 2015: The Largest Frozen Yogurt Chains

The IFYA Froyo Chain Store Location count is back! We decided to change the timing of this annual feature to December since that’s the best time to count 2015 openings. The store counts are approximate and based on what’s listed on the chain’s website when available. Stores are constantly closing and opening. Also, we noticed… Read more »

Summer 2015 Froyo Flavor Trends

Summer is prime froyo eating season and as such, froyo shops are busy introducing refreshing  and/or fun flavors to entice consumers. There’s been a strong trend towards dairy-free soft serve, including soft serve fruit (e.g., Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit), sorbets, Italian ice, and soft serve made with milk alternatives like coconut milk. Fun is a… Read more »

Froyo Delivered to Your Door

Food delivery services popping up all over. The good news is you don’t have to live in New York City to get a froyo delivery. Here’s our round up of froyo delivery services. Here are some delivery options: Atlanta, GA: Order Yogurberry via Foodler Berkeley, CA: GrubHub is accepting orders for Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt Bloomington,… Read more »

Frozen Yogurt Shops Give Back to Worthy Causes

It’s National Frozen Yogurt Month and the IFYA wanted to take the time to recognize the frozen yogurt industry for its contributions to charities and worthy causes. We know that frozen yogurt shops large and small have given back to their communities, by sponsoring kid’s sports teams, holding school fundraisers, etc. We applaud everyone in… Read more »

Pinkberry Celebrates 10 Years of Swirly Goodness & You’re Invited

Happy 10th birthday Pinkberry! Yes, the “taste that launched a 1,000 parking tickets” is a decade old. We met with Ron Graves, CEO of Pinkberry and Laura Jakobsen, SVP of Marketing and Design, to talk about the past and the future of this iconic frozen yogurt brand. The Past Everyone who knows about the rise of… Read more »

Fall 2014 Froyo Flavor Round-Up

Celebrate the fall season with a cup of froyo inspired by the flavors of fall. Check your local froyo shop for fall froyo flavors and also be sure to check out these flavors from your favorite frozen yogurt chains. 16 Handles: FistPumpkin, Cinnamon Doughnut “Fist Pump”kin is back. Top it with new maple glazed pumpkin seeds…. Read more »

Make Frozen Yogurt the State Food of California Campaign

Announcing Frozen Yogurt the State Food of California Campaign The IFYA is launching a new campaign to make frozen yogurt the official state food of California and we need your support. Everyone already knows that California is the leader of frozen yogurt. Let’s make it official! Sign our petition to show your support and be sure… Read more »