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Warm & Cold Froyo Combinations (Toppings & Bottoms)

Normally when you go to a froyo shop and look for warm toppings, the most you’ll find is warm sauces like hot fudge or hot caramel. Most shops don’t offer warm sauces because they require sauce warming dispensers. However, some froyo shops offer warm toppings, warm bottoms or warm cones, allowing customers to enjoy a… Read more »

Unusual Froyo Toppings Outside the US

We recently published a post, Hard to Find Delicious Frozen Yogurt Toppings & Where to Find Them, Part 2. The post listed shops in the United States. In this post, we feature unusual frozen yogurt toppings from shops outside the US. We want to recognize froyo shops that are offering interesting toppings, challenge others to offer… Read more »

Hard to Find Delicious Toppings & Where to Find Them, Part 2

Our popular post, Hard to Find Delicious Frozen Yogurt Toppings & Where to Find Them, is back with more unusual toppings. The exciting part is that these toppings exist and we tell you where to find them. Here’s the link to last year’s post, with toppings like macarons, cotton candy, cream puffs and bacon bits…. Read more »

Hard to Find Delicious Frozen Yogurt Toppings & Where to Find Them

After visiting hundreds of frozen yogurt shops, it’s clear that certain toppings are offered at nearly every frozen yogurt shop: fresh fruit, sprinkles, Fruity Pebbles, Cap’n Crunch, chocolate chips, almonds, etc. Some truly delicious toppings are rarely offered. We take a look at some of our favorite hard to find frozen yogurt toppings. Hopefully this… Read more »

Favorite Froyo & Toppings Combinations

With hundreds of cups of frozen yogurt in our tummies, we’ve tried many froyo and toppings combinations and we know that some combinations taste better than others. Foods that are complementary create a balanced flavor when combined. The food pairing method seeks to identify foods that go well together based on shared key flavor components…. Read more »