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Culture’s Impact on Froyo

Culture affects food preferences but in more ways than just preferences for certain frozen yogurt flavors and toppings (aka, licorice frozen yogurt in Denmark, durian frozen yogurt in Southeast Asia). We consider several areas where culture affects frozen yogurt, including preferences for a self-serve vs. full-service format, quantity vs. quality preferences, and attitudes towards local… Read more »

A Look at Frozen Yogurt in Sweden

The Origins of Frozen Yogurt in Sweden The stirrings of interest in bringing frozen yogurt (or yoghurt) to Sweden began in 2011-2012. In 2011, two friends joined forces and created Yollibox, a packaged all natural frozen yogurt product sold in markets, which they launched in 2012. In 2012, the owners of the Original Swedish Frozen Yogurt… Read more »

A Look at Authentic Greek Frozen Yogurt in Greece and the US

What is Greek yogurt?  Back in 2007, Greek yogurt accounted for about 1% of US yogurt sales; by 2014, Greek yogurt accounted for 50% of the yogurt market. In the US, many yogurt products are labeled as Greek yogurt because they are Greek style; however, these yogurt products are produced in the US. In 2013,… Read more »