Unusual Froyo Toppings Outside the US

Durian sauce over black sakura froyo from Sour Sally

We recently published a post, Hard to Find Delicious Frozen Yogurt Toppings & Where to Find Them, Part 2. The post listed shops in the United States. In this post, we feature unusual frozen yogurt toppings from shops outside the US.

We want to recognize froyo shops that are offering interesting toppings, challenge others to offer interesting toppings and be a resource for frozen yogurt fans who want to learn about innovative frozen yogurt shop offerings.


Sadly, Japan’s The Local Frozen Yogurt (@thelocalfrozenyogurt) has closed but they used to offer avocado as a froyo topping. It was paired with cream cheese. Maybe someone else will feel inspired to offer avocado as a froyo topping.

Banana Bread

The housemade banana bread at Frozen by a Thousand Blessings is among one of several housemade toppings. Frozen by a Thousand Blessings (@athousandblessingscafe), is the first froyo shop in Australia to use biodynamic milk and yoghurt.

Candy Floss

Light and ethereal, candy floss makes the prettiest froyo topping ever. It’s been spotted at White’s & Co. in Auckland, NZ and at Jay’s Yogurt (Melbourne, Australia, @jaysyogurt), a truck which specializes in full cream milk blended froyo made with local ingredients.

Carrot Cake

Vita in Hobart, Australia (@vita_hobart) makes many toppings from scratch, including carrot cake, marshmallows, white chocolate coated goji berries, lemon shortbread, apple cake, and more. Most of their toppings are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free.


Do you like Cheetos? How about adding them to your froyo? Funky Frozen Yogurt, a chain of shops in Sweden, offers Cheetos as a froyo topping.

Dona Pepa Cookies

Dona Pepa cookies are Peruvian cookies covered in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. You can get them at Pinkberry Peru (@pinkberryperuoficial).

Durian Sauce

People who love durian really love durian. For durian lovers out there, head to Sour Sally (@soursallycoid) in Indonesia for their durian sauce.

Flavored Baklava

Melbourne’s own Blu Spoon (@bluspoon) recently added Australia’s first baklava bar, featuring eight flavors of baklava such as Hazelnut & Nutella, Orange & Hazelnut, and Chocolate. Top your Greek froyo or fresh Greek yogurt with their baklava.

Fresh Figs

Add fresh figs to your froyo at Crumbs (@crumbsHK) in Hong Kong and be sure to also include their house crumbs. You can also get fresh figs for your froyo at the Wonderpots (@wonderpots) outlet in Iraq and Chacun Ses Gouts in Paris, France.

Housemade Rocky Road

At Blu Spoon in Melbourne, Australia, they make their own rocky road, but they weren’t content to make one flavor of rocky road. They have three flavor combinations, including White Chocolate Rocky Road, Milk Chocolate Rocky Road and Honeycomb Rocky Road. We’ll take the Honeycomb Rocky Road.


Lamingtons are a popular treat in Australia, where they even celebrate National Lamington Day on July 21. Lamingtons have been spotted at Yo My Goodness (@yomgyogurt), Yogurtland Australia, and other froyo shops. Some shops have lamington flavored froyo.

Matcha Treats

These housemade matcha sesame crackers from Smile Yogurt (@smileyogurt) in Hong Kong combine two beloved Asian flavors, matcha and sesame. Matcha lovers will find matcha cake, matcha mochi, matcha chocolate, and matcha sticks at Crumbs in Hong Kong.


Smile Yogurt (@smileyogurt) in Hong Kong makes its own toppings, including crunchy meringues, brittle, crumbs and more. They create elaborate froyo parfaits that are truly works of froyo art. GRK YGRT (@grkygrt) in Toronto, Canada makes its own meringues, as well as peanut butter, preserves, lemon curd, graham crumbs and more.

Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo bars are a quintessential Canadian treat. It’s a dessert bar with a layer of wafer crumb topped with custard flavor butter icing and covered with a layer of chocolate. They’ve been spotted at Menchie’s Canada. You’re probably more likely to find them in British Columbia.

Pop Tarts

At Yumorama in Mexico, you can add Pop Tarts to your froyo.

Red Velvet Cream Sauce

Blk 513 (@blk513ph), the first activated charcoal froyo shop in the Philippines, recently combined red velvet flavor with cream cheese. The result is a strikingly red froyo sauce.

String Cheese

String cheese as a topping is pretty out there but you can get it with balsamic sauce at Yogorino Korea (@yogorinokorea).


Isn’t Toblerone amazing? You can get it as a froyo topping at Llaollao and Yogurt Factory (France). Yogorino offers a Toblerone sauce (yum).

Turkish Delight

Looking for something sweet and chewy to add to your froyo? Frozen by a Thousand Blessings (@athousandblessingscafe) in Australia and Wakaberry in South Africa carry the loveliest squares of Turkish delight. For crunch, pair it with their caramelized popcorn.

White Chocolate Stars

The white chocolate stars at Snog UK (@snogfrozenyogurt) are beautiful and so photogenic.