Thoughts on Froyo Sampling Policies

Some self-serve frozen yogurt shops that don’t allow customers to get their own samples. A few don’t allow any sampling at all.

Reasons For Not Allowing Sampling

From the business perspective, sampling can lead to perceived product waste. Some “abuse” occurs when people take many samples without making a purchase. Customers might also reuse sample cups, which is unsanitary.

However, it can be difficult to tell when abuse has occurred. Perhaps the potential customer, did not like any of the flavors that she sampled. Is it abuse if someone doesn’t make a purchase because the product didn’t meet her expectations? We don’t believe so.

Reasons For Allowing Sampling

For frozen yogurt customers, buying without sampling increases the risk of purchasing something that doesn’t meet expectations. And if this happens, it stands to reason that they’re likely to write a negative review, tell their friends, and/or not come back.

Sampling should be considered part of the cost of doing business. A generous sampling policy also suggests that the owners trust and respect their customers. If you believe in the quality of your product, you should want customers to sample it.

What About Sample Abuse?

Sample abuse does occur, though we haven’t not seen it happen very often. Keep in mind that many customers choose not to sample at all, even if offered sample cups.

If abuse seems excessive, have employees give out 2-3 sample cups. If many people are reusing cups, post a sign about not reusing sample cups.

Offering one sample cup is usually not helpful. If you don’t like the flavor, you have no opportunity to try another that you might like before making a purchase.

What are your thoughts about froyo sampling policies?