Reliant Foodservice 2017 Product Expo Recap

Reliant Foodservice held its annual product show at the Anaheim Hilton on June 3, 2017. Based in Temecula, CA, Reliant Foodservice is a leading distributor of products for the frozen yogurt, juice and smoothie and specialty coffee retailers in California, Arizona and Nevada.

The Expo featured vendors with new and established products carried by Reliant. Attendees enjoyed show specials, a complimentary lunch and a chance to win raffle prizes.

The show included frozen yogurt mixes, healthy drink vendors (e.g., kombucha, smoothies, juice, bottled water, coconut water, coffee, tea, alternative milks), healthy snacks, baked goods, toppings, sauces, flavorings and packaging.

Frozen Yogurt and Soft Serve

Mix suppliers were present at the Expo, including Big Train, Cultures, Dannon YoCream, The Frozen Bean, and Kent Precision Foods (distributors for Frostline and Dole Soft Serve).

Dannon YoCream brought new non-dairy sorbet flavors, including Berry Acai and Raspberry Lime Mojito.

The Frozen Bean/Gelato Lab had two new flavors, Cereal Milk and Vietnamese Coffee. It’s soft serve gelato but the rep said it had live and active cultures. He also mentioned that Horchata was their best selling flavor. The cereal milk was mild, creamy and not too sweet. It tasted like it had been infused with cornflakes. Vietnamese Coffee was surprisingly strong.

Acai and Matcha Bowls

This year Reliant held their first annual acai bowl competition. SunLife Organics emerged as the winner. Reliant carries acai from three brands now, Acai Frooty, Makai Fruits and Sambazon.

Acai bowls are no stranger to froyo shops. Red Mango introduced acai bowls in 2016, Menchie’s and 16 Handles offered acai bowls in 2015, Pinkberry tested acai bowls in 2013 and launched them in 2015, and Yogurtland had acai bowls in 2011. Jamba Juice introduced acai bowls in 2014.

There are many places where you still can’t get an acai bowl and the market is expected to grow from 1/2 a billion dollars now to $2b by 2026 (Source: Other types of smoothie bowls are predicted to become more popular as well. Bowls are having a moment right now.

Modern Matcha was at the show for the first time with a new product that serves as an acai bowl alternative, scoopable organic matcha green tea sorbet. They topped the green tea sorbet with fruit, granola and honey. Their product is vegan, all natural and organic.

Thank you, Reliant FoodService for a wonderful product expo. We look forward to the next one!