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Emerging Trends: New Cones for Froyo

Cake, sugar, or waffle cones are the traditional cone of choice for ice cream or froyo.  However, we’ve noticed that certain types of new cones have become popular at ice cream and frozen yogurt shops. Is there a cone revolution in the making? Freshly Made Cones Crepe cones have been available at certain froyo shops… Read more »

Woody’s Yogurt Place Wins Vote for Best Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream in Marin

Woody’s Yogurt Place, Marin’s favorite frozen yogurt and ice cream shop, recently received two prestigious honors from the readers of two community publications in Marin County. First, the readers of the Marin Independent Journal newspaper voted Woody’s Yogurt Place as the winner of the BEST FROZEN YOGURT category in the first ever Marin IJ Readers’… Read more »

Current Trends in Asian Froyo, the 2017 Edition

In 2015, we took a look at current froyo trends in Asia. Those trends included adding fresh honeycomb as a topping for soft serve or frozen yogurt, taiyaki filled with soft serve or froyo, fancy froyo parfaits, cotton candy clouds on top of froyo and black frozen yogurt made with activated charcoal. This post is… Read more »

Understanding Eco-friendly Packaging Options for Frozen Yogurt Shops

Do you understand the difference between recyclable, biodegradable and compostable frozen yogurt cups, lids and spoons? We asked IFYA’s Packaging and Branding Expert and Advisory Board member, Tim Porter, to explain each of these terms and to provide tips for becoming an eco-friendly frozen yogurt shop. Tim is the Owner of, which serves thousands… Read more »

Creative Froyo Flavors that We’d Love to Try, 2017 Edition

Last month we had two posts about creative frozen yogurt toppings that you can find in shops in and outside the US. We would like to acknowledge frozen yogurt shops that have developed creative frozen yogurt flavors. These are creative flavors that we’d like to try. Flavors do rotate and some are limited time only,… Read more »

Follow Your Heart to Yogurtland: Newest Handcrafted Flavors Bring Beloved Family Recipes To Every Spoonful

Now through June 4, Yogurtland is offering five new handcrafted flavors inspired by the desserts we all know, love, and yearn for from Grandma’s kitchen. These original scratch-made ​flavors – Grandma’s Famous Marionberry Pie, Momma’s Secret Recipe Almond Fudge Gelato, Blue Ribbon Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Spring’s Simply Sweet Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares, and Pairings and Sharings Strawberry Basil Lemonade Sorbet… Read more »

Electro Freeze of Nor Cal Open House Recap

We recently attended the Electro Freeze of Nor Cal open house in Hayward, CA. The open house was held at La Quinta Inn, 20777 Hesperian Blvd., Hayward, CA on March 24-25, 2017. There were several Electro Freeze models on display. They have so many models of soft serve machines (gravity, pressurized, single flavor, two flavor,… Read more »

Unusual Froyo Toppings Outside the US

We recently published a post, Hard to Find Delicious Frozen Yogurt Toppings & Where to Find Them, Part 2. The post listed shops in the United States. In this post, we feature unusual frozen yogurt toppings from shops outside the US. We want to recognize froyo shops that are offering interesting toppings, challenge others to offer… Read more »

Hard to Find Delicious Toppings & Where to Find Them, Part 2

Our popular post, Hard to Find Delicious Frozen Yogurt Toppings & Where to Find Them, is back with more unusual toppings. The exciting part is that these toppings exist and we tell you where to find them. Here’s the link to last year’s post, with toppings like macarons, cotton candy, cream puffs and bacon bits…. Read more »