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Frozen Yogurt Trucks Roaming the Streets

Back in November 2011, there were about 18 frozen yogurt trucks roaming the streets delivering frozen yogurt. Since then, frozen yogurt has continued to be popular and more frozen yogurt trucks have joined the fray. Frozen yogurt trucks outside the US currently serve Australia (Yogurddiction), Germany (Mr. Whippy, Yo’Munchy, Wonderpots, Efa’s, Friends of Frozen Yogurt),… Read more »

Introducing IFYA’s Free Frozen Yogurt Classified Ads

Looking to buy, sell or trade anything frozen yogurt related? Connect with interested frozen yogurt buyers and sellers today with IFYA’s free classified ads. The classified ads can be found in our Trade Talk and Fan Talk forums. The Trade Talk classified ads are for individuals and businesses in the frozen yogurt industry looking to buy/sell/trade items to a… Read more »

Introducing IFYA’s Packaging & Branding Expert, Andy Lin of

The IFYA is proud to introduce packaging and branding expert, Andy Lin, Web and Marketing Manager for started serving the local marketplace in 2004 and has since expanded to offer nationwide (US) distribution. A leader in paper and plastic disposable takeout supplies, CarryOutOut.Supplies is dedicated to offering quality products, low prices and reliable… Read more »

Expansion of the Swirl of Honor Program

We are happy to announce that IFYA’s Swirl of HonorTM program, the first program to recognize excellence in frozen yogurt, is now available in the following 31 countries: Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Canada Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Ireland Israel Italy Japan Malaysia Netherlands New Zealand Norway Portugal Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden… Read more »

What is Quality Frozen Yogurt? What is Frozen Yogurt Store Quality?

IFYA’s mission is to promote the quality and success of the frozen yogurt industry. With that mission in mind, the IFYA created the Swirl of HonorTM program to recognize quality frozen yogurt stores based on stringent IFYA criteria. It is our belief that raising the quality of frozen yogurt stores will benefit the frozen yogurt… Read more »

Launch of the International Frozen Yogurt Association

We are thrilled to announce that the International Frozen Yogurt Association launches today! The International Frozen Yogurt Association (IFYA) was formed in 2013 to meet the needs of frozen yogurt store operators, suppliers and consumers and to promote the success of the frozen yogurt industry. The IFYA is a brand neutral, independent promoter of global… Read more »