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Saquito Mix Giveaway for IFYA Members

Enter the Saquito Mix Giveaway Now’s your chance to try Vanilla Goji Saquito, an organic chia superfood energy mix with chia and hemp seeds, goji berries and coconut. We’re giving away three 40 gram packets of Saquito Mix to 6 IFYA members. It’s first come, first serve, so enter as soon as you can. We… Read more »

Frozen Yogurt Innovators: An Interview with the Founder of Saquito

September is Frozen Yogurt Toppings Month at the IFYA. We’re constantly looking out for new frozen yogurt toppings and we’ve found one that’s incredibly nutritious (as in superfood status), innovative, new and delicious. Saquito is the world’s first chia energy mix. It’s organic, vegan, low carb, gluten free and provides sustained energy. We interviewed the… Read more »

September is Frozen Yogurt Toppings Month

September is Frozen Yogurt Toppings Month Happy September! It’s Frozen Yogurt Toppings Month at the IFYA and we’re going to be talking about toppings all month. We’ll have interviews with innovators in the frozen yogurt toppings field. Plus, we will announce our first giveaway very soon and it involves toppings of course. Most frozen yogurt… Read more »

Bumbershoot & Frozen Yogurt

What is Bumbershoot? Bumbershoot, happening this Labor Day weekend (8/31-9/2) at Seattle Center in Seattle, is the nation’s largest music and arts festival, with attendance reaching over 100,000 people. This year marks the 43rd year of Bumbershoot, which offers a truly diverse lineup of music, comedy, theater, film, literary, visual arts and spectacle elements. What… Read more »

Frozen Yogurt Trucks Roaming the Streets

Back in November 2011, there were about 18 frozen yogurt trucks roaming the streets delivering frozen yogurt. Since then, frozen yogurt has continued to be popular and more frozen yogurt trucks have joined the fray. Frozen yogurt trucks outside the US currently serve Australia (Yogurddiction), Germany (Mr. Whippy, Yo’Munchy, Wonderpots, Efa’s, Friends of Frozen Yogurt),… Read more »

Introducing IFYA’s Free Frozen Yogurt Classified Ads

Looking to buy, sell or trade anything frozen yogurt related? Connect with interested frozen yogurt buyers and sellers today with IFYA’s free classified ads. The classified ads can be found in our Trade Talk and Fan Talk forums. The Trade Talk classified ads are for individuals and businesses in the frozen yogurt industry looking to buy/sell/trade items to a… Read more »

Introducing IFYA’s Packaging & Branding Expert, Andy Lin of

The IFYA is proud to introduce packaging and branding expert, Andy Lin, Web and Marketing Manager for started serving the local marketplace in 2004 and has since expanded to offer nationwide (US) distribution. A leader in paper and plastic disposable takeout supplies, CarryOutOut.Supplies is dedicated to offering quality products, low prices and reliable… Read more »