Hard to Find Delicious Frozen Yogurt Toppings & Where to Find Them

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Mini macarons, marshmallows, honeycomb & pastries at Pinkberry Koreatown, Los Angeles

After visiting hundreds of frozen yogurt shops, it’s clear that certain toppings are offered at nearly every frozen yogurt shop: fresh fruit, sprinkles, Fruity Pebbles, Cap’n Crunch, chocolate chips, almonds, etc. Some truly delicious toppings are rarely offered. We take a look at some of our favorite hard to find frozen yogurt toppings. Hopefully this list will inspire others to step up their toppings game.

Bacon Bits

Bacon bits add a bit of crunch and saltiness to your froyo. We spotted them at Easy Breezy Frozen Yogurt in San Francisco, CA.


Souvla in San Francisco, CA serves their house tart froyo (they only have one flavor) with baklava crumbles and honey syrup. Yalla Mediterranean and Blu Spoon, Australia’s first Greek yogurt bar, also offer baklava as a froyo topping.

Balsamic Vinegar

Mr. Yogato in Washington DC has a fun variety of complimentary “house toppings” that includes balsamic vinegar.


You can get tapioca pearls, aka boba, on your organic froyo at CremeBee in Alhambra, CA. Mimi Frozen Yogurt in Miami Beach, FL also offers tapioca pearls as a topping. We’re not talking about popping pearls, aka popping boba.

Cinnamon Streusel Crumb/Crunch

Pinkberry had cinnamon streusel crumb when it introduced Peach Pinkberry. Cinnamon streusel crumb topping adds a lovely crunch without being too crunchy. The cinnamon isn’t too overpowering either. If you want to create a froyo cobbler, you need cinnamon streusel crumb topping. Try Yogen Fruz and Yogurty’s – they’ve had it in the past and might still carry it.

Cream Puffs

Styo in Vancouver, Canada will add a cream puff to your frozen yogurt.


Remember when Yogurtland had mini donuts as a topping during their Candy Crush promotion last summer? Some donut and frozen yogurt combination shops exist, like J.Co Donuts so even if donuts aren’t offered as a topping, it’s easy enough to buy your donut and add it to your froyo. Eb & Bean in Portland, Oregon carries cinnamon sugar donuts as a froyo topping.

Dried Mulberries

Victory Garden in New York City offers dried mulberries as a topping for their goat milk ice cream and frozen yogurt. You can also find dried mulberries as a topping for vegan, organic yogurt at Yoga-urt in Glendale, CA.

Flavored and Torched Marshmallows

You can get marshmallows straight out of the bag but gourmet marshmallows are much better. At Pinkberry in LA’s Koreatown and Beverly Hills, they have vanilla and lemon marshmallows that are torched to order. Pinkberry SF has vanilla marshmallows that are torched to order. CremeBee makes its own marshmallows and cuts them into cute shapes like clouds, moons and stars.

Fresh Cotton Candy

CremeBee makes fresh cotton candy for every order. It’s flavored and sits atop their organic soft serve frozen yogurt. Flavors include blue raspberry and pina colada.

Fresh Honeycomb

You can get fresh honeycomb as a frozen yogurt topping at Pinkberry (LA Koreatown, San Francisco, Beverly Hills), CremeBee and Beegurt in Singapore.

Freshly Whipped Cream

Most shops offer whipped cream from an aerosol can but freshly whipped cream from a professional grade nitrous oxide whipped cream dispenser is so much better. Quite a few Yogurtland locations have freshly whipped cream. Eb & Bean has fresh honeyed whipped cream.

Goji Berries

Buddhaberry, Ilya, and Go Greek Yogurt offer goji berries as a topping.

Green Pea Cookies

Green pea cookies from a SF startup called Green Pea Cookie; they’re crunchy, delicious, and made with green peas. You can find them at Easy Breezy.


Top your goat milk frozen yogurt with halva at Victory Garden in NYC. Spread Mediterranean, a new eatery in downtown Los Angeles, offers a chai halva crumble.

Housemade Mochi

Most of the mochi that is served comes from Korea. It’s decent but doesn’t compare to freshly made mochi. Mochi isn’t that hard to make but fresh mochi is best eaten the day its made. The longer it sits around, the harder it gets. The housemade mochi at Fraiche Yogurt (locations in Palo Alto and San Francisco, including San Francisco International Airport) is so good that you should get extra mochi.

Lime Curd

This delicious tangy topping has been spotted at Culture: An American Yogurt Company in New York and Eb & Bean.


French macarons (ethereal meringue cookies made with almond powder or ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites) have adorned frozen yogurt in the UK, France and Australia…why can’t they do the same in the US? The Pinkberry location in LA’s Koreatown has mini macarons in five flavors. CremeBee also offers macarons as a froyo topping.

Matcha Latte Sauce

As part of the new Sour Sally launch in Indonesia, Sour Sally introduced new house toppings such as matcha latte sauce, black sesame sauce, red devil sauce and Milo Myers sauce.

Easy Breezy

Sauces and fun toppings at Easy Breezy

Olive Oil

Easy Breezy, Mr. Yogato and Souvla offer olive oil as a topping. It’s free at Mr. Yogato.

Passionfruit Sauce

Llao llao offers passion fruit sauce and you can find it swirled in tubs of YooMoo’s mango and passionfruit.

Peanut Butter Chews

Go Greek Yogurt (Southern California) has delicious peanut butter chews that you can add to your Greek froyo. The yogurt and frozen yogurt are from Greece.

Peanut Butter Magic Shell

Eb & Bean’s peanut butter magic shell is also dairy free.


Sunny Blue is a onigiri (Japanese rice balls) eatery in Santa Monica and Culver City, CA that serves frozen yogurt with Pocky, Hello Panda cookies and yuzu.

Potato Chips

These crunchy, salty plain potato chips make a delicious topping. You can find them at Easy Breezy Frozen Yogurt.

Sea Salt

Easy Breezy, Pinkberry, Mr. Yogato, and Souvla all offer sea salt as a frozen yogurt topping.


Chia seeds, flaxseeds, and hemp seeds are all very good tasting and very good for you. You can find all three of them at Go Greek Yogurt.

Sour Cherries

Souvla, GRK, Chillbox, Yalla, and Victory Garden offer sour cherries or sour cherry syrup (it’s a Greek topping).