Hard to Find Delicious Toppings & Where to Find Them, Part 2

Housemade cookie dough at 21 Choices

Our popular post, Hard to Find Delicious Frozen Yogurt Toppings & Where to Find Them, is back with more unusual toppings. The exciting part is that these toppings exist and we tell you where to find them. Here’s the link to last year’s post, with toppings like macarons, cotton candy, cream puffs and bacon bits.

We created this list to recognize froyo shops that offer interesting toppings, challenge other shops to offer interesting toppings, and be a resource for frozen yogurt fans who want to learn about innovative frozen yogurt shop offerings. This list is for shops in the United States. Be sure to look for a list for shops outside the US soon.

Almond Butter

At Loving Cup (@lovingcupsf) in San Francisco and Kentfield, CA, your custom froyo flavor is hand churned to order. Pick a probiotic, all natural base, select your add ins (almond butter is an option) and wait. They can also add toppings like an almond butter drizzle, to your creation. Pressed Juicery also has a lovely almond butter drizzle to pair with their vegan, plant-based soft serve.

Apple Walnut Cake

Berryline (Boston & Cambridge, MA,@theberryline) offers housemade baked toppings, including apple walnut cake, granola, and cheesecake.

Beet Salt

Last year we talked about how froyo shops were offering froyo topped with a bit of sea salt. Well, Spread Mediterranean Kitchen (334 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA) tops plain old sea salt by making its own beet salt as a topping for their housemade froyo.

Cacao Nibs

Cacao nibs have a bold flavor and crunch. You can add them to your ultra creamy, imported Greek yogurt at Go Greek Yogurt (@GoGreekYogurt) in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Woodland Hills. Vegans can add cacao nibs to their creamy vegan froyo from Yoga-urt (1407 W Kenneth Rd., Glendale, CA) and Eb & Bean in Portland, OR.

Cacao Drizzle

Pressed Juicery Freeze’s plant based toppings like their cacao drizzle are healthy and dairy-free. We’re impressed that their cacao drizzle even freezes like Magic Shell (but not as crispy as Magic Shell).

Choco Pie

Choco Pie is popular snack in South Korea, featuring layers of cake and a marshmallow filling dipped in chocolate. It’s the Korean version of a Moon Pie but tastier in our opinion. Blush Burlingame (1212 Donnelly Ave., Burlingame, CA) had Choco Pie as a topping.

Citrus Powder 

When you order the froyo from Spread Mediterranean Kitchen, one of the toppings options is the combination of beet salt and citrus powder. The bright flavors of the housemade citrus powder contrast with the earthy beet salt. The flavors of the toppings really pop.

Coco Whip

At Yoga-urt in Kenneth Village (1407 W Kenneth Rd, Glendale, CA), a haven for those with dietary restrictions, you can top your dairy-free sundaes and plant-based froyo with So Delicious Dairy Free Coco Whip. It’s the vegan, gluten free, organic, kosher parve version of whipped topping that actually tastes creamy and delicious. The texture is light and fluffy.

Cookie Dough

Sure cookie dough toppings can be found at most froyo shops, but 21 Choices (Claremont & Pasadena, CA) makes their own eggless cookie dough. They even have different flavors of cookie dough that can be mixed into your custom cup of froyo. Or choose a house blended froyo flavor like Kit Kat Cookie Bar, made with Kit Kats, housemade cookie dough and chocolate chips or The Saucy Sailor, made with natural peanut butter, caramel, sea salt, and cookie dough.

Edible Flowers

Frozen Fruit Co. (729 Montana Ave #2, Santa Monica, CA) offers truly healthy treats. Their vegan, paleo, plant-based soft serve is made with just fruit. And they have pretty edible flowers that actually taste good, like a burst of freshness.


Fresh figs have been spotted at our first Swirl of Honor shop, Easy Breezy in San Francisco, CA. The owners are always on top of their toppings game; meaning they’re always adding new toppings, including unusual ones. Go Greek Yogurt (Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, CA) and GRK (NYC, Washington DC) also offer fresh figs when they are in season. At Moo Greek in Brentwood (11753 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA), you can get dry figs and fig jam on your fresh or frozen Greek yogurt.

Gluten Free Graham Crackers

The star shaped gluten free graham crackers at Yoga-urt are extra crispy and not too sweet. We didn’t miss the gluten at all. The graham crackers are also vegan and organic.

Greek Biscuits

The Greek biscuits at Go Greek Yogurt are imported from Greece. They’re made with Greek olive oil and studded with sesame seeds. Greek biscuits are very crunchy and not too sweet. The Greek name for these cookies is Kolourakia Lathiou.

Greek Strawberries

Do you think all strawberries taste the same? Try the Greek strawberries at Go Greek Yogurt and you’ll change your mind. Greek strawberries are so good they’re exported to other countries. The ones at Go Greek aren’t fresh but they’re in this wonderful Greek strawberry spoon sweet (spoonable fruit).

Harissa Dry Spice

You can opt to go savory with your Greek froyo toppings at Spread Mediterranean Kitchen in Los Angeles, CA. Ask for the harissa dry spice and pita chip for your housemade Greek froyo.

Olallieberry Puree

The housemade olallieberry puree at Fraiche Yogurt (San Francisco & Palo Alto, CA) is a favorite with the locals. Add graham crackers to make it an Olallieberry Pie combo. An olallieberry is a hybrid of a loganberry and youngberry.

Pinkleton’s Caramel Corn

No list of premium toppings would be complete without mentioning Eb & Bean (@ebandbean) of Portland, OR, where they have housemade toppings and toppings from local purveyors like Pinkleton’s caramel corn, made with organic butter and Oregon sea salt.

Pop Tarts

If you grew up with Pop Tarts, you’ll want to add them to your froyo. Stakz (@stakzbg) in Bowling Green, KY allows you to do just that.

Rose Preserve

The imported Greek rose preserve at Go Greek and GRK (NYC, Washington DC) has rose petal bits. It’s sweet, floral and pairs well with frozen yogurt.

Strawberries Macerated in Aged Balsamic Vinegar

The patrons of Culture NY (@cultureny) have a preference for sophisticated froyo and froyo toppings. Strawberries are macerated in aged balsamic vinegar to make this house topping.