First National Frozen Yogurt Consumer Survey Results

Last August, we invited all frozen yogurt consumers in the US over 13 years old to share their thoughts about frozen yogurt by taking our short online survey. We received 174 responses from across the US.

About the Respondents

Our sample composition seems representative of US frozen yogurt consumers. It’s estimated that women account for 70% of frozen yogurt revenues and that 42% of frozen yogurt consumers are 18-35 years old (vs. our survey which had 63% women, 46% 18 to 34 years old).  Source:

About 42% of our respondents have children under 18 in the household. We also received responses from every region in the US.

Consumer Survey Findings

Our survey included questions about loyalty, current consumption, future consumption, frozen yogurt attitudes and preferences and demographics. We found that 67% of respondents strongly agreed with the statement, I enjoy eating frozen yogurt. Furthermore, 28% somewhat agreed with the same statement, so only 5% did not agree. In other words, frozen yogurt is popular and well-liked.

We also included questions about how much they liked the major frozen yogurt chains, what shop attributes were important, what might increase their frozen yogurt shop visits, how often they consume frozen yogurt, taste preferences, etc. And, we looked at differences based on gender, age, region (geographic location) and frequency of froyo shop visits.

Accessing the Survey Results

We are sharing our findings with those who shared our survey posts while the survey was open and IFYA’s advisory board.

The full results are also available for $150. To order the report or for more information, please contact us at

A limited set of results is available for IFYA members in the members only Resources section of our website.