Creative Froyo Flavors that We’d Love to Try, 2017 Edition

Last month we had two posts about creative frozen yogurt toppings that you can find in shops in and outside the US. We would like to acknowledge frozen yogurt shops that have developed creative frozen yogurt flavors. These are creative flavors that we’d like to try. Flavors do rotate and some are limited time only, so some of the flavors on our list may not be currently available.

Australia continues to impress with multiple shops making creative froyo flavors from scratch, often with biodynamic, organic yogurt. These froyo boutiques use local dairy products and local ingredients. Many make their own toppings as well.

  • Miso & Honey frozen yogurt might be the most sophisticated flavor that we’ve read about. It’s one of the handcrafted flavors from Vita: Nature + Culture in Hobart, Tasmania (@vita_hobart). The milk comes from a local dairy and the ingredients that go into their yogurt are sourced locally. Most toppings are housemade.
  • Lemon Lime + Bitters, Butternut Pumpkin & Walnut and Pandan Infused Coconut are flavors crafted by Goje (@gojeyarraville) in Yarraville, Melbourne, Australia. The shop specializes in organic, vegan and refined sugar free treats. Even the toppings are vegan.
  • Sour Cherry frozen yogurt is so Greek! We’ve been obsessed with it for years. Blu Spoon (Port Melbourne, Australia, @bluspoon) makes their sour cherry frozen yogurt with Greek yogurt. Even better, you can top it with homemade baklava.
  • Mango, Coconut and Kale froyo flavor made with cold pressed kale juice is a healthy flavor created by Tutto Desserts (@tuttodesserts) in Carlton, Australia. Yes, there is a frozen yogurt flavor with kale. It’s made with biodynamic, organic frozen yogurt.
  • Chocolate Donut froyo from Ayelada (@ayelada) is made with real chocolate donuts from local purveyor, Cider Belly of Albany, NY. Ayelada has locations in Pittsfield, MA and Latham, NY. They’ve made several flavors with local ingredients, like Fat Toad Farm’s goat’s milk caramel, The Happy Cappuccino coffee, etc. Some of their toppings are homemade too.
  • Cider Donut froyo from SoYo (Burlington, VT) is made with real cider donuts and other locally sourced ingredients. Their also known for their Vermont Maple froyo, of course. The frozen yogurt is made on-site in small batches from the highest quality ingredients and nothing artificial.
  • Strawberry Basil frozen yogurt from GoBerry (Amherst & Northampton, MA, @goberry_amherst, @goberry_northampton) is made with local organic strawberries and fresh basil. GoBerry uses local dairy products and makes frozen yogurt daily on site.
  • Sweet Potato Pie is one of the flavors created by Boston’s “best froyo shop,” Berryline (@theberryline). Berryline also offers homemade toppings, ice cream, waffles, drinks and more.
  • Jelly Donut frozen yogurt was created in honor of Hannukah by San Francisco’s Easy Breezy (@easybreezysf), the first Swirl of Honor recipient. Easy Breezy is known for using organic ingredients to create unique, fresh flavors and for offering a wide variety of options, including dairy-free alternatives made with cashew milk, coconut milk and almond milk, and full fat custard.
  • Strawberry-Black Pepper froyo is a new flavor from the new salad spot in Atlanta, CA, Wildleaf. Wildleaf makes its frozen yogurt in house with grassfed cow’s milk.
  • Calming Coconut Chai vegan froyo features a locally sourced coconut vegan base, cinnamon, and cardamom; it was created by Yoga-urt (@yoga-urt). Yoga-urt is the first organic, dairy-free, kosher, probiotic soft serve shop in Glendale (Los Angeles area). All the flavor names are yoga inspired, including Ganesha’s Sweet Greens (no sugar added), Vanilla Harmony, and Peanut Butter Prana.
  • The Saucy Sailor is a one of a kind blended flavor created by 21 Choices (Pasadena & Claremont, CA, @21choices). It’s made with natural peanut butter, caramel, sea salt and housemade eggless cookie dough. Their best known mix-in flavor is Circus Animal, made with Circus Animals, cookie dough and sprinkles. They’ve been known to mix in avocados, soda and Twinkies.
  • Rose is beloved Greek flavor that has been turned into a frozen yogurt flavor by Go Greek Yogurt (@gogreekyogurt). Their rose flavor is made with authentic Greek yogurt (from Greece) and rose spoon sweet made in a Peloponnesian monastery every June from a particularly aromatic rose. You can add rose spoon sweet to your rose frozen yogurt for an extra dose of rose. Or you can also try Rose froyo from 16 Handles Saudi Arabia.
  • Raspberry Linzer Cookie, Marionberry Pomegranate and Cranberry Orange Coconut are all non-dairy flavors at Eb & Bean (@ebandbean) in Portland, OR. They also have creative sounding dairy flavors too, like Buttermilk Chai, Earl Grey Caramel and Cardamom Caramel.
  • Raspberry-Rhubarb, Marionberry and Aronia-Cherry are seasonal froyo flavors made with local fruit at Vanilla Jill’s in Eugene, Oregon (@vanilla_jills). Choose from local, handmade organic frozen yogurt, vegan and paleo frozen treats made with kefir, coconut milk and rice milk.
  • Cucumber Mojito froyo from Yomama (@yomamahk), Hong Kong’s first frozen yogurt, sounds so refreshing, but Sea Salt Hokkaido Milk sounds even more intriguing. The Hokkaido milk is supposed to make it extra creamy.