2017 Froyo Chain Store Location Count

It’s time for our annual feature, the IFYA Froyo Chain Store Location Count – the 2017 edition.


The top 10 chains accounted for 3,955 locations, down from 4,335 locations last year. Red Mango fell off the list of the top 10 largest chains. Other chains that experienced large declines in store counts include TCBY, Orange Leaf, and Pinkberry.


First, a few caveats – our store counts are based on what’s listed on the chain’s website as of December 12, 2017, if the information seems current. Not all chains keep their website information current or make it easy to access location information. If we could not determine the store counts from the chain’s website or the website appeared outdated, we looked at recent press releases and the chain’s social media accounts.

The List of Largest Froyo Chains by Location Count


#1) YOGEN FRUZ: 1,400 (?) locations

The current locations are listed on the Yogen Fruz website, but accessing them involves a crazy amount of clicking. So, we decided to go with their statement that “Yogen Früz has grown to more than 1400 locations operating in over 46 countries around the world,” even though it seems like it hasn’t been updated in years. Yogen Fruz also owns the spinoff concept, Yogurty’s, a self-serve frozen yogurt chain in Canada. We didn’t include the Yogurty’s locations in the store count.

#2) TUTTI FRUTTI: 550 (?) locations

The Tutti Frutti website doesn’t appear to up to date and their social media accounts are sporadically updated, so it’s difficult to say how many locations they have. Their Facebook page says that they have 550 stores but that copy hasn’t been changed in over a year. They undoubtedly have a lot of locations but we have no idea how many.

#3) MENCHIE’S: 536 locations

Menchie’s lists all their locations on their website. Of their 536 locations, 432 (81%) of these are in the US and 85 (16%) in Canada. They have the most US locations in California, Texas, Florida and Washington. There are Menchie’s locations in 10 countries.

#4) SWEETFROG: 326 locations

It’s been a busy year for sweetFrog, which launched more mobile trucks this year and will soon have their first location on a military base. Of their 326 locations, only 8 (2.4%) are outside the US, in three other countries. A staggering 80 locations (24.5%) are located in Virginia, where they first opened. The website makes it easy to find a list of their current locations.

#5) YOGURTLAND: 320 locations

It’s difficult to access a list of Yogurtland’s current locations on their website, but a recent Yogurtland press release said, “Presently Yogurtland has more than 320 locations across the U.S., Australia, Dubai, Guam, Korea, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Venezuela.” Yogurtland opened its first location in Korea this year and it’s not self-serve.

#6) TCBY: 300 locations

A list of current locations isn’t readily accessible on the TCBY website. Their website says that they have over 350 locations and a recent press release for their partnership with Twentieth Century Fox for the new movie, Ferdinand, says they have “over 300 stores nationwide.” The brand has been experiencing a consistent decline in store numbers for years.

#7) ORANGE LEAF: 188 locations

Orange Leaf remains a primarily domestic chain, with just one international location, in Mexico. It did open stores in Australia, but those locations have since closed. In the US, they have the most locations, 53, in Oklahoma.

#8) PINKBERRY: 174 locations

Pinkberry’s website appears current and they also make it easy to access their list of locations. We counted 174 locations in 22 countries: 50 in the US (29%), 123 outside the US (71%). The website doesn’t appear to list their Second Cup locations within Canada, which could greatly expand their presence. Pinkberry opened their first location in Ghana this year, with the second Ghana location that just opened on December 15. They have the most international locations in the United Arab Emirates, Peru, and Kuwait.

#9) YOGORINO: 166 locations

Italian chain Yogorino has most of its locations in Italy (69%). It has two locations in the US. It’s popular in Japan. Most of their locations offer one flavor of frozen yogurt, original/plain.

#10) LLAOLLAO: 162 locations

Much as Yogorino dominates Italy, Llaollao is the dominant player in Spain. Of their 162 locations, 98 (60%) are in Spain. Their sudden departure from Singapore in late November 2017 was a shock for many. They had in 29 locations in Singapore, all of which were converted to a new brand, Yole. Llaollao has announced their intention to return to Singapore in the near future.


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