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Great All Year Long!! Not only is soft ice cream is a hot summer treat, but It makes a great topping on pies, cakes and many other holiday deserts! Apple Pie à la mode is a holiday desert tradition. Wrap up a SaniServ Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine or a Frozen drink machine for your Alcohol or Non Alcoholic Beverages.
There always room for ice cream. Make Soft Ice Cream, Frozen Beverages & Margarita's that are Fresh, Fast & Consistent. SaniServ is the best machine
The 500 series come standard with "Stand By" or also called "Day/Night Switch", so you do not have to clean it every day. For cleaning, it is made in such a way that you cannot put it back together wrong. It now has rounded top corners. It has less moving parts than other machines. It is the only soft serve that has a magnetically driven propeller in each mix reservoir. This continually stirs the mix for you which keeps it fresher & consistent unlike other machines. It also just lifts out for easy cleaning and to put it back, all you do it drop it in the same general spot and a strong magnet pulls it in place automatically. Simple to operate.
Counter Size 24"w x 33.1"h x 34.5"d
SaniServ makes Soft Serve Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Frozen beverage, milk shake Machines for everyone. Small or large capacity SaniServ has been around since 1929 and made in the USA
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