Susan Linton, President & Founder


Susan Linton, aka Fro-yo Girl, is the world’s leading frozen yogurt blogger and frozen yogurt enthusiast. Back in 2008, she started her blog, Fro-yo Girl Speaks, with the goal of visiting every frozen yogurt shop in the Bay Area and tracking news and trends in the frozen yogurt industry. She was inspired to create the International Frozen Yogurt Association to promote the growth and success of the frozen yogurt industry and to bring together frozen yogurt store owners, suppliers and fans. Susan started her career in marketing research and then became enamored with the fast paced, exciting world of technology start-ups. She served as the customer insights guru at several early-stage start-ups and advisor to other young start-ups. Susan obtained her MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA and her PhD in Business with a specialization in Marketing at Stanford University.


Advisory Board

The IFYA Advisory Board represents different sectors of the frozen yogurt industry (e.g., machines, mix, packaging, distribution). The advisors provide leadership and advice on the overall direction of the International Frozen Yogurt Association.

Current Advisory Board Members:

  • Andy Bantz, Senior National Director, Dannon Food Service Division – Frozen, The Dannon Company
  • Dennis Durban, Managing Partner, Earth’s Factory
  • Kalvin Kwong, Product/Service Solutions Director,
  • Tim Porter, Owner,
  • Jeff Resnick, Chief Executive Officer, Spaceman USA
  • Dave Wudel, President, Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt