International Frozen Yogurt Association

Dear frozen yogurt enthusiast,

Time is running out to be part of the first National Frozen Yogurt Shop Owner Survey. Our survey closes this Wednesday, 10/18, at midnight PST.

Complete the Frozen Yogurt Survey to Find Out How Your Shop Compares

The First National Frozen Yogurt Shop Owner Survey is open to anyone who owns a business that serves frozen yogurt in the US. Owners can sign up to receive the survey results while taking the survey. The results will help owners better understand how their shop compares to other shops.

The anonymous survey takes about 7 minutes to complete,

This is the first survey of its kind. The survey asks about shop performance, satisfaction with suppliers, operational practices, management, etc.

For example, the following questions are included:

• On average, how many hours per week do you spend managing your business that serves frozen yogurt?

• How well is your shop (or shops) doing in terms of same store sales, compared to this time last year?

• Prior to opening your foodservice business that serves frozen yogurt, did you (or your business partner/s) have any experience managing a foodservice business?

Access to Survey Results

Only foodservice business owners who participate in the current National Frozen Yogurt Shop Owner Survey, those who share the survey URL, and IFYA advisory board members will have free access to the full results of the shop owner survey. IFYA members will have free access to a limited set of results.

We plan to share the results of the National Frozen Yogurt Shop Owner Survey in November.


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