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We just launched our first 2015 contest with Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co., The Cool Way to Eat Fruit. Two shops will win cases of Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Mix, the delicious 3 ingredient non-dairy frozen yogurt alternative.

To enter, just complete our short online survey at at 

Join us on 2/24 at 4 PM PST for a free webinar for California froyo shops on California's new sick pay law.

Register to attend:

Our preferred partner for credit card processing, Green Payment Solutions, is currently running a limited time promotion, offering a free chip reader. To qualify for the free chip reader terminal, just process over 8K a month and become a Green Payment Solutions customer by February 29, 2015.

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• Industry news from our press room

• Preview of what we're working on for next month

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IFYA News & Special Offers

IFYA and Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Launch Cool Way to Eat Fruit Contest: Two shops will win cases of Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Mix, the delicious, 3 ingredient, dairy-free, vegan, kosher alternative to frozen yogurt. To enter, complete our online survey. Read more:

Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Offers a Non-Dairy, Vegan Fruit Soft Serve Alternative to Frozen Yogurt: The IFYA recently sat down and talked to Chloe Epstein, President and co-founder of Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co™. She and her partner, Michael Sloan, an avid triathlete, started playing around in the kitchen with fruit and water, and this eventually led to the creation of “soft serve fruit.” Read more:

Free Webinar on California’s New Sick Pay Law on 2/24: IFYA and Payality have partnered to bring you a free webinar about California’s new sick pay law. This webinar will provide information about how to properly accrue this time and notify the employee. Read more:

EMV, the New Credit Card Technology is Coming This Year: A major change is coming to credit card technology as the US prepares to adopt EMV/chip cards this fall. We’ve asked Gene DaLie, Account Executive of Green Payment Solutions to explain what this change will mean and how froyo shops can prepare for the change ahead. Read more:

Pinkberry Celebrates 10 Years of Swirly Goodness: Happy 10th birthday Pinkberry! Yes, the “taste that launched a 1,000 parking tickets” is a decade old. We met with Ron Graves, CEO of Pinkberry and Laura Jakobsen, SVP of Marketing and Design, to talk about the past and the future of this iconic frozen yogurt brand. Read more:

Discounts on Business Compliance Packages: We've partnered with Payalitya highly trusted and affordable business compliance solution provider, to offer three comprehensive business compliance packages for frozen yogurt shops. IFYA premium members can choose from 3 different compliance packages, all discounted more than 20% for IFYA members. For additional information on this offer, please visit

Special Offer on Worker's Comp Insurance: IFYA is pleased to partner with California’s workers’ comp experts, Select Marketing Insurance Services, to offer California frozen yogurt shop owners special group rates. SMI’s special group rates are significantly lower than rates small frozen yogurt shops can get on their own. They are known for offering frozen yogurt shops the best combination of price, stability and coverage with A+ rated Preferred Employers Insurance Company. For additional information and a cost saving workers’ compensation quote, contact Steve Feemster, SMI Insurance at (619) 346-2214 or

Other IFYA Trade Member Discounts: IFYA members are eligible for a wide range of discounts, including:

• Free shipping on all Spaceman USA equipment when you mention IFYA and your IFYA username

• 15% off Jefe toppings dispensers. To redeem, mention IFYA and your IFYA username when you call Forte Supply at (720) 328-1431

• 15% off your Nanci's Frozen Yogurt purchase when you mention IFYA and your IFYA username

• 20% off your order (discount can only be used once) when you mention IFYA and your IFYA username

• 10% off your first GoDivide order when you mention IFYA and your IFYA username

Be the First Swirl of Honor Shop in Your Area for Free: We want to see Swirl of Honor decals across the world.The IFYA will waive the application fee for any shop that is the first to apply for the Swirl of Honor program in its "area." By first in your area, we mean the following:

• United States: Be the first shop to apply in your state

• Canada: Be the first shop to apply in your province or territory

• Outside of the US and Canada: Be the first to apply in your country, when the Swirl of Honor program is available in your country.

The Swirl of Honor program is available in two dozen countries. The complete list of countries can be found in the Swirl of Honor program FAQs.

To check to see if you are the first shop to apply in your area, email us at 

Frozen Yogurt Industry News

The IFYA tracks frozen yogurt industry news and posting links to noteworthy articles in our Press Room. We've selected a few headlines from this month. Submit your frozen yogurt industry news to us at For more articles, please visit the IFYA Press Room at 

• February 17, 2015: UK Yoomoo Introduces Frozen Lollies

• February 13, 2015: Frozen Yogurt Chain's Breakfast Twist (IFYA mention)

• February 12, 2015: 16 Handles Adds Breakfast to the Menu

• February 2, 2015: Boxwood Capital Partners Acquires Yogurt Store sweetFrog

• January 27, 2015: Pinkberry Celebrates 10 Years Of Its Original Taste That Launched a Frozen Yogurt Phenomenon

• January 26, 2015: Pinkberry Continues to Expand Through Latin America


What We're Working On

Next Contest. We can't tell you much about it yet but we're hoping to launch another contest for froyo shops after The Cool Way to Eat Fruit Contest concludes.



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