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IFYA Features Overview

The IFYA website went live on July 28. The website's goals are to provide fun and useful information about frozen yogurt, build a frozen yogurt community and elevate frozen yogurt quality by recognizing frozen yogurt stores that are committed to excellence. Here's a brief snapshot of the key features:

Trade Talk and Fan Talk: Any registered member can participate in the IFYA online discussion boards, including adding new topics and responding to current topics. We're still figuring out what people want to talk about but are excited to provide an avenue for trade members and fans to discuss frozen yogurt. We're also thrilled to have IFYA frozen yogurt industry experts on hand to help answer questions posed by the community.

Free Classified Ads: We just added free classified ads within Trade Talk (to buy/sell/trade items to frozen yogurt shops) and Fan Talk (to buy/sell/trade items to frozen yogurt fans). 

Swirl of Honor program: IFYA's Swirl of Honor program is the first quality seal program specifically for frozen yogurt shops. The program recognizes shops for quality frozen yogurt, superior customer service, and environmentally friendly business practices. 

Froyo Resources: The IFYA resources page has frozen yogurt FAQs, a frozen yogurt glossary, frozen yogurt training programs, and a list of websites that offer tips, advice and tools to small business owners. These resources are a great way to learn more about frozen yogurt.

News and Press Room: The news page covers new IFYA features, promotions and frozen yogurt trends. The press room is a collection of press releases from the IFYA, Swirl of Honor recipients and newsworthy frozen yogurt press releases that we stumble upon.

IFYA Panel of Experts

IFYA’s distinguished, multinational panel of frozen yogurt industry experts know just about everything there is to know about starting and operating a frozen yogurt store, frozen yogurt mixes, frozen yogurt machines, packaging and more. 

We are proud to introduce our experts:

Bud Gunter of Honey Hill Farms, Frozen Yogurt Mix & Store Operations Expert

Bud, the partner/owner and VP of Sales and Marketing at Honey Hill Farms, has 27 years of foodservice experience with a focus on soft-serve dessert mixes. He wears many hats at Honey Hill Farms, including training over a thousand shops in frozen yogurt business/operations and advising the R&D and QA teams. Honey Hill Farms, the true original “Good For You” frozen treat, utilizes over 32 years of experience crafting premium frozen yogurt and a variety of other delicious frozen desserts.

Andy Lin of, Packaging and Branding Expert

As the Web and Marketing Manager for, Andy has helped clients throughout the US with their disposable foodservice supplies needs., a leader in paper and plastic disposable takeout supplies, is dedicated to offering quality products, low prices and reliable customer service. 

Jeff Resnick of Forte Supply, Frozen Yogurt Machine and Store Operations Expert

Jeff is the founder and CEO of Forte Supply and the creator of the Jefe line of toppings dispensers. He has personally helped over 100 entrepreneurs enter and successfully open self-serve frozen yogurt stores. Forte Supply helps entrepreneurs and store owners bring in quality frozen yogurt machines that make sense and cost a fraction of the price of the “traditional brand.”

Rhian Williams of Plas Farm LTD, UK/European Market and Product Development Expert

As the Business Development Director for Plas Farm LTD, Rhian has been instrumental in the growth of the European frozen yogurt market. Plas Farm are the UK’s leading frozen yogurt manufacturer, producing fantastic zero fat frozen yogurts, in the widest range of flavours and formats. 

What We're Working On

New website features. We will soon be adding Swirl of Honor member page to the IFYA website. It will include a Swirl of Honor directory, Swirl of Honor shop profiles, and more. The IFYA online supplier directory, which has almost 300 vendor listings, should also go live soon.

September promotion/Toppings month. We're also working on our first promotion next month. We'll be giving away a new and innovative frozen yogurt topping to frozen yogurt shops. 

Ask the Expert column. In the next newsletter, you'll hear from our experts as they tackle a variety of frozen yogurt questions. Post your question on Trade Talk or Fan Talk for a chance to get their input.

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Our Sponsors

Many thanks to the IFYA's founding sponsor, Forte Supply and bronze sponsor, Magical Flavors.

Forte Supply

Forte Supply is dedicated to staying true to our original purpose: to help entrepreneurs and store owners bring in quality frozen yogurt machines that make sense and cost a fraction of the price of the “traditional brand.”

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