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Dear frozen yogurt enthusiast,

The year is coming to a close. This is our last newsletter of the year. We wish you happy holidays and look forward to more froyo next year.

In this issue, we'll cover:

  • IFYA news
  • Special offers for IFYA members
  • Industry news from our press room
  • Preview of what we're working on for next month

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IFYA News & Special Offers

New IFYA Experts: We welcomed two new frozen yogurt experts to IFYA's panel of experts. Chris Ciabarra is the CTO and co-founder of Revel Systems, the award-winning leader in iPad point-of-sale (POS) systems for restaurant, retail and grocery. Chris will share his expertise in POS systems, inventory management, scale integration, payroll, real time sales data and modifiers. Johny Wudel is the Vice President of Nanci's Frozen Yogurt and IFYA's marketing and business strategy expert. Nanci’s is a worldwide supplier of frozen yogurt mixes, smoothie mixes, and flavorings; its products are exported to over 20 countries on 6 continents.

Read more about Chris:

Read more about Johny:

Frozen Yogurt Innovators Interview with the Inventor of Freasy FunnelWe interviewed Nick Gossett, the inventor and VP of Freasy Funnel, a patented, made in the USA universal drain attachment specifically designed to make it faster and easier to clean and sanitize soft serve frozen dessert equipment. Read more:

IFYA's First Holiday Gift Guide: Our top 6 frozen yogurt themed gifts for 2013 will please any frozen yogurt fan. These gifts let you smell like froyo, eat froyo and admire froyo art. Read more: 

IFYA's 2014 Swirl of Honor Badges: The new SOH window decals have arrived and the new Swirl of Honor electronic badges for 2014 are ready too. 

IFYA Supplier Directory Improvements: The IFYA Supplier Directory now includes over 100 franchise opportunities, enhanced directory listings and a self-service tool.

A basic listing in the buyer’s guide is free. The basic listing includes an address, phone number, email address, website and product categories. Enhanced listings are now available for $100/year. The enhanced listing includes the same information in the basic listing, plus:

  • Company logo
  • Company/product description
  • Up to four images (JPG or PNG files) with accompanying captions

With the new self-service tool, anyone can add a supplier directory listing, basic or enhanced, to the IFYA Supplier Directory. To use this self-service feature, you need to be an IFYA member. We reserve the right to remove listings that are duplicates or not related to frozen yogurt.

We'll announce the improvements once the directory is able to support member reviews and has been fully tested.

IFYA Promotion: Be the First Swirl of Honor Shop in Your Area for Free: We want to see Swirl of Honor decals across the world. The IFYA will waive the $60 application fee for any shop that is the first to apply for the Swirl of Honor program in its "area." By first in your area, we mean the following:

  • United States: Be the first shop to apply in your state
  • Canada: Be the first shop to apply in your province or territory
  • Outside of the US and Canada: Be the first to apply in your country, when the Swirl of Honor program is available in your country.

The Swirl of Honor program is available in two dozen countries. The complete list of countries can be found in the Swirl of Honor program FAQs.

To check to see if you are the first shop to apply in your area, email us at Once we confirm that you are the first applicant in your area to apply, we'll send you a promotional code to use. You must contact us first in order to be eligible for the special promotion. The complimentary membership period is for one year from the date your application is processed and approved.

Special Offer on Worker's Comp Insurance: IFYA is pleased to partner with California’s workers’ comp experts, Select Marketing Insurance Services, to offer California frozen yogurt shop owners special group rates. SMI’s special group rates are significantly lower than rates small frozen yogurt shops can get on their own. They are known for offering frozen yogurt shops the best combination of price, stability and coverage with A+ rated Preferred Employers Group (PEG). Please contact Steve Feemster, Association Advisor at SMI, at (888) 656-5678 or via email at to get started or visit for additional information.

Member Discount on GoDivide: IFYA members get 10% off their first GoDivide frozen yogurt cup dividers order when they mention their IFYA membership and IFYA username.

Frozen Yogurt Industry News

The IFYA will be tracking frozen yogurt industry news and posting links to noteworthy articles in our Press Room. We've selected a few headlines from this month. Submit your frozen yogurt industry news to us at For more articles, please visit the IFYA Press Room at 

What We're Working On

Year in Froyo Review: Expect to see our annual year in froyo review article before the end of the year. We'll highlight key events and happenings in froyo.

New Year Promotions: We have two themes planned for January: (1) Healthy froyo and (2) Improving your swirl.

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