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IFYA News & Special Offers

New IFYA Expert: Tim Porter, Owner of, has just joined IFYA's panel of frozen yogurt industry experts. Tim opened a frozen dessert store in Arizona in 2007 and then founded, a leading supplier of cups, spoons, lids and more: Read more about Tim:

Exclusive IFYA Article, Choosing the Right Custom Cups: Tim Porter, Owner of, shares many practical tips on how to design your custom frozen yogurt cup. Find out how to use color, whether to print on one or two sides, and more. Read more:

Exclusive IFYA Article, Choosing a Logo for Your Frozen Yogurt Business: Another practical article for those looking to develop a new logo for their frozen yogurt business. We cover what should be in the design brief, working with designers and criteria for choosing the final logo. Read more: 

New Blogs Added to Froyo Resources: We added a new article library for frozen yogurt shops in the Froyo Resources selection. You'll find articles on inventory management, social media marketing, branding and more. We'll keep adding helpful articles as we find them.

Swirl of Honor Recipients Page: The new Swirl of Honor recipients page features a directory of Swirl of Honor shops, spotlight on one special SOH shop (currently, Easy Breezy of San Francisco, CA), SOH shop birthdays and SOH shops in the news.

Swirl of Honor Pinterest Board: Check out IFYA's collection of pictures of our Swirl of Honor shops:

IFYA Promotion: Be the First Swirl of Honor Shop in Your Area for Free: We want to see Swirl of Honor decals across the world. The IFYA will waive the $60 application fee for any shop that is the first to apply for the Swirl of Honor program in its "area." By first in your area, we mean the following:

  • United States: Be the first shop to apply in your state
  • Canada: Be the first shop to apply in your province or territory
  • Outside of the US and Canada: Be the first to apply in your country, when the Swirl of Honor program is available in your country.

The Swirl of Honor program is available in two dozen countries. The complete list of countries can be found in the Swirl of Honor program FAQs.

To check to see if you are the first shop to apply in your area, email us at Once we confirm that you are the first applicant in your area to apply, we'll send you a promotional code to use. You must contact us first in order to be eligible for the special promotion. The complimentary membership period is for one year from the date your application is processed and approved.

We will be announcing this new promotion the first week of December. IFYA newsletter readers get first dibs on the offer.

Special Offer on Worker's Comp Insurance: IFYA is pleased to partner with California’s workers’ comp experts, Select Marketing Insurance Services, to offer California frozen yogurt shop owners special group rates. SMI’s special group rates are significantly lower than rates small frozen yogurt shops can get on their own. They are known for offering frozen yogurt shops the best combination of price, stability and coverage with A+ rated Preferred Employers Group (PEG).

Please contact Steve Feemster, Association Advisor at SMI, at (888) 656-5678 or via email at to get started or visit for additional information.

Member Discount on GoDivide: IFYA members get 10% off their first GoDivide frozen yogurt cup dividers order when they mention their IFYA membership and IFYA username.

Frozen Yogurt Industry News

The IFYA will be tracking frozen yogurt industry news and posting links to noteworthy articles in our Press Room. We've selected a few headlines from this month. Submit your frozen yogurt industry news to us at For more articles, please visit the IFYA Press Room at 

November 19, 2013: Woody’s Yogurt Place in Mill Valley, CA is Awarded Three Swirls by IFYA’s Swirl of Honor Program

November 12, 2013: Frozen Yogurt Stores in the US Industry Market Research Report Now Available from IBISWorld

November 11, 2013: Easy Breezy is Awarded the International Frozen Yogurt Association’s First Swirl of Honor

November 11, 2013: Walking in a Winter Yogurtland Promotion Begins

November 11, 2013: Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Welcomes Winter with New and Favorite Mint Flavors

November 7, 2013: Menchie’s Celebrates 350th Store Opening

November 5, 2013: Pinkberry Calls New ‘Scan-to-Pay’ App a Success

November 5, 2013: Menchie’s Rolls Out Cinnayum Bun LTO Flavor & Holiday Promotions

October 24, 2013: Weighing Up the Frozen Yoghurt Craze (Franchise Opportunities in Australia)

What We're Working On

Holiday Gift Guide: IFYA's first holiday gift guide will come out the first week of December. It will include our favorite gifts for froyo fans. You can see all the froyo gifts that we've found online by following our Pinterest board, Gifts for the Froyo Lover On Your List:

New Swirl of Honor Badges for 2014: We're finalizing badge designs for 2014.

Franchise Directory. We're putting together an online directory of frozen yogurt franchise opportunities so that we can offer even more frozen yogurt resources.

New IFYA Experts: We have a few experts waiting in the wings to be announced. We'll reveal who they are soon.

New Innovator: We'll be posting the next installment of our frozen yogurt industry innovator interview series in early December.

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